In those moments of feeling everything is getting too much or your nerves are ‪#‎overwhelming‬..

Consider the following:

What is the Evidence?
* What evidence do I have to support my thoughts?

What Alternative views are there?
* How would someone else view this situation?

What thinking Error am I making?
* Am I over estimating the chances of disaster / failure?
* Am I personalising ie blaming myself for something which is not my fault?
* Am I focusing on the negative and ignoring my ‪#‎strengths‬?
* Am I jumping to conclusions / trying to predict the future?

Your wonderful and helpful mind is “role playing” a situation that hasn’t and probably won’t occur.
Your mind is a solution creator basing its answers on a lot of “what ifs”.
What also happens is that instead of offering these ideas one at a time, it floods you with them all in one go.. Like having a surprise box burst open in front of you showering you with confetti.

The reaction is ‪#‎overwhelm‬ of thoughts.

What matters is what’s happening to you Now.
Knowing that those feelings you experience Will go – they’re just exaggerated and not harmful.
* Notice what is happening in you body
* Stay in the present
* Slow down but Keep Going..
* also be Kind to Yourself.

Be reassured, Your reaction can be unlearnt so you can take Control back over your “What Ifs”.