Confidence Issues

Do you often think that you’re not good enough?

Do you look up to people who ooze confidence?

Do you wish you could feel better about yourself?

If I told you that most people would like to improve their confidence, would you believe me?  It is true – deep down, many could do with a confidence boost, but it is when a distinct lack of confidence impacts on our daily lives that it needs to be taken more seriously.

Lacking in confidence can make you:


become withdrawn

afraid to try anything new for fear of failure

You may also:

eat, drink or smoke too much

take drugs

be too hard on yourself

Like most of the other challenges life throws at us, low confidence can impact on so much of our day-to-day lives. And so one of the first things I do for clients who come to me with this issue, is to discover the reasons behind their low self-image and self-esteem.

Lacking in confidence can stem from:

Childhood – influential adults can say things to children so often that it becomes ingrained in their personality.

Changes in circumstances – many stay-at-home mothers feel they lose confidence after giving up work, as do people who retire.

Bad experiences – whether you have been bullied at work, school or at home, if someone repeatedly tells you how worthless you are, you start to believe them.

So, if you want to stop feeling unhappy with yourself, get rid of the ideas that you are second best to everyone else and start enjoying some of the wonderful things that life has to offer, then why don’t you talk to me?  Don’t let your lack of confidence rule your life.

Get in touch today to see just how Life 4 Living Therapy can help you live your life again.

Focussed, tailored treatment programmes

“If only you had more confidence”; ” Believe in yourself”; “Don’t put yourself down so much”.

These are just some of the phrases I got used to hearing when I was growing up – being told that all you need is confidence to accomplish all that you want is great to hear, but how do you it?

When I work with you, we will first of all establish how you think, act and behave in the situations where you believe you need confidence.  The reason for doing this, is to establish awareness of the thought patterns and behaviours that have become your habits in dealing with situations that make you feel uncomfortable.

Much of your thinking and behaviours become habits over time – the “default mode” so to speak, due to repetition – and this can go back to childhood experiences.  Once this has been established through a simple process of questioning and conversation, we can set up and establish a programme that is designed specifically for you. 

We will look at the mental processing/ loops that have been established and kept you in this current way of thinking when you are in certain situations.  Then we will look at how you act in those situations so we can introduce behaviours that would be appropriate.  Finally, we will put it altogether, with rehearsal and repetition in order to establish new, more confident habits.

Low confidence does not have to curtail you – I can genuinely help you to believe more in your capabilities, and achieve your goals.  Just let me try – contact me now to discuss a more positive future.

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Each of my programmes are personalised to accommodate your individual needs. Firstly, I will work with you to discover the root of your problem. Then I will design your unique programme so that we can achieve the best possible results.

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