Please note that Life 4 Living Therapy does not guarantee the effectiveness of treatment in any individual cases.

It is important to understand that psychotherapy and hypnotherapy are not a ‘cure all’. It requires that the client be committed to change and be prepared to make the effort to make that change a reality.

Everybody is an individual and there is a considerable variation in the difficulty of the various problems and the impact this is having on their lives. There is no general rule which makes it possible to say how much improvement can be achieved and in how much time.

The simpler problems can sometimes be overcome in one session. I am committed to helping you achieve your therapy goal in the shortest possible time frame.

I may well be able to give you a fair assessment of how much improvement you can expect and how many sessions may be needed by the end of the initial consultation but if the problem is more complex then we will jointly review progress from time to time.

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Each of my programmes are personalised to accommodate your individual needs. Firstly, I will work with you to discover the root of your problem. Then I will design your unique programme so that we can achieve the best possible results.

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Life 4 Living Therapy is based in Leicestershire and I work with clients from all over the UK and anywhere in the world. Have a look at the Book a Session page for more information.
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So, if you’re tired of feeling that life is one big uphill struggle and you want to start living the life you deserve, then give me a call today.
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