Food Cravings / Emotional Eating

Do you crave food even when you know you’re not hungry?

Do you find yourself looking for sugary treats?

Are you constantly thinking about food?

Craving any kind of food is something we all do; a fresh cream cake, a bag of crisps, a pastry or a chocolate bar. In fact, it’s quite a regular occurrence for many people. And, as the old saying goes, ‘a little bit of what you fancy does you good’.

It is only when these food cravings start to get out of control that something needs to be done. If you crave one chocolate bar but end up eating four, for example, then this craving probably isn’t just about tasting the chocolate.  What starts off as a harmless craving can become problematic, and the reasons behind your cravings need to be addressed.

Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is when we turn to food to help our emotions. The more you eat, the less aware you are of the emotional issues that are bubbling away under the surface. You may eat more if you are:









But this really doesn’t help. In fact, if you are an emotional eater, you are probably locked into a guilt cycle too, and this can become something which takes control of you. But, in essence, you are the one in control, so you need to take that first step towards addressing it – and that is where Life 4 Living Therapy comes in.

I can help you to tackle your food cravings and your emotional eating habits by:

discovering your triggers

identifying the reasons behind your overeating

showing you how to break the habit

encouraging you to look at alternative ways to deal with your emotions

Food cravings do not have to control your life.  Get in touch today to see just how Life 4 Living Therapy can help you break out of these habits, and take control.

The majority of times that you experience the desire for sweet or savoury foods are when you are in a situation of stress; this can be emotional or physiological.  It is sometimes overlooked that when we are emotionally upset our bodies will have the same response as under stress.  The reason we crave sweet, fatty, or salty foods is that the body has gone into the primitive fight, flight or freeze response, which has kept us alive for millions of years.

When the body is under stress (mentally or emotionally) it produces more glucose ready for that explosive use of energy. If the “stressful” situation continues, the body starts to burn glucose.  It also starts to store fat – which is why some people put weight on when they’re under stress.

When we are upset, our super fast problem-solving brain tries to recall what we did last time we were in this situation or felt like this. Most experiences will come from how are we were treated as children – the reward process.  I’m sure that you can remember as a child, when you fell over or were feeling sad, your grandmother or mother would give you a treat – maybe a biscuit or sweet.

Really, we are looking for comfort and to be told that what we have experienced is not as bad as it seems; the situation will pass and you will feel better.  But, it becomes habitual.  Because we liked the feeling of comfort, we have now associated that good feeling with food. That is the challenge.

Working to a determined goal

When I work with you, we will first of all establish how you think, act and behave in those situations and understand when you have cravings.  This will establish an awareness of your thought processes and in doing so, make you more conscious of your actions.

From the information you have given, I will set up a personalised programme that will tackle the situations and responses that challenge you. We will then start to incorporate new, desired behaviours when you are confronted by that emotion or situation.  I will give you techniques that you can use in between each therapy session to build your confidence, enabling you to control those emotional desires and ultimately change an established habit.

Just like a professional sportsperson who has a coach to support them from start to finish, I will be there to guide you through the whole process.  We will work through a clear outline, making small changes, creating new ways to view situations, taking realistic action (through rehearsal and repetition), and I will be there supporting you through those challenging moments when you struggle. The biggest changes will occur – your internal resistance can change, and I would love to help you get there.

Contact me now to find out how to break out of your cycle.

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