Therapy and WellBeing Programmes

Therapy Programmes

Back On Track – £162

A bespoke 3 week programme to focus on the behaviour, habit or thought process that you want to change; three targeted therapy treatments to get to the heart of the issue and make a significant impact, with life changing benefits. This will reset your balance, and leave you feeling more positive about your current challenge, ready to take on the future.

Committed to Change – £364

This is the most popular programme.

An individually designed 6 week programme, with the scope to thoroughly investigate self-imposed limitations and constraints, and the means to create new confidence, build self-belief and learn positive ways to live your life.

This comprehensive programme will keep you focused and motivated, whilst providing full, guided support when you need it most. It starts with 3 intensively concentrated weeks, followed by carefully directed fortnightly therapy treatments, giving you the perfect setting to develop mechanisms to take on your challenges and deal with them successfully. Two Encouragement Calls back up the sessions, to ensure that you truly have the means to take back full control.

On the Way to Happiness – £590

This broad, 10 week programme minutely examines your current circumstances and where you wish to progress with your life’s direction. You will be thoroughly supported; working through all of your personal restraints, set-backs and limiting beliefs, guiding you towards a much more positive and happier future.

The programme begins with a personally tailored, 4 week intensive therapy cycle, and this is followed up with fortnightly bespoke therapy techniques over 6 weeks, interspersed with 4 carefully targeted Encouragement Calls.

The Happiness programme will reset the whole balance of your system; reconstructing the thought patterns and behaviours that are needed to successfully and vehemently improve your perspectives, response mechanisms, and ultimately, your way of life.

If you are serious about making lasting changes, this is the programme for you.

Home Development Work

I encourage all my clients to undertake guided self-development, to underpin the work that is done during the therapy treatments.  This ensures that the impact from the programme is significant and long-lasting, and genuinely helps to cement new attitudes and behaviours, ensuring healthier and happier habits for life.

The self-development will be personally designed, and dependent on what is best for each client.  Hypnosis recordings may be given, and if listened to before going to bed on a regular basis, will reinforce the positive changes that have occurred during the treatment session.  I also teach and encourage my clients to try Mindfulness Meditation; this has the benefit of bringing awareness of the types of thoughts that are experienced, giving an opportunity to process those thoughts in an appropriate manner, and vital space for relaxation and calmness.  EFT techniques can also be used personally when emotional triggers arise.

When used alongside the appropriate programme, these form the ongoing basis for reclaiming the life that you want to lead.

WellBeing Programme

An opportunity to thoroughly de-stress, recoup and rebalance from the inside out, the WellBeing Programme consists of 5 carefully designed treatments to bring peace and harmony to your life.

From the moment you enter the treatment room to the time you leave, the whole experience will leave you feeling emotionally balanced, fundamentally calmer and in a truly relaxed state.

Your personal programme will be made up of the best combination of treatments for your needs:




Relaxation Hypnotherapy

Please call or email to discuss any aspect of these programmes; I would be delighted to talk through the very best solution for you.

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Each of my programmes are personalised to accommodate your individual needs. Firstly, I will work with you to discover the root of your problem. Then I will design your unique programme so that we can achieve the best possible results.

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