Do you feel under constant pressure?

Are you irritable and lose your temper easily?

Do you feel overwhelmed by life?

If you constantly feel angry, emotional or unable to cope, you could be experiencing stress.

Stress occurs when the pressure we are under becomes too much for us to deal with. It can come from our jobs, families, hectic schedules or responsibilities. And while stress can be useful in small doses, it becomes detrimental to our health if it is a constant feature in our day-to-day lives; as well as leading to problems with our physical health, stress can also affect our emotional wellbeing and behaviour.

Like other anxiety-related disorders, stress can affect many different parts of the body:

Heart – your heart may race, you may experience palpitations

Lungs – breathing can become shallow or you can hyperventilate

Head – you could experience a constant headache

Muscles – you may feel tense

Stomach – your stomach may feel knotted

You may start to bite your nails, grind your teeth or not care about your appearance or personal hygiene.

You may also notice changes in your sleep patterns, weight, alcohol / drug intake, confidence, temper and self-esteem.  Stress can impact on so many different areas of our lives that it’s important to tackle it quickly, and whatever is causing the stress needs to be eliminated as much as possible.

I can help you. Let me show you how to recognise your triggers, help you handle them more effectively, and stop stress from ruling your life.

Get in touch today to see just how Life 4 Living Therapy can help you live your life again.

Solution Focused Outcome

Our goal will be to identify the sources of stress in your life, through targeted questions and discussions to establish your triggers, your background information, and how susceptible you are. I will then design a completely bespoke programme to give you the mechanisms you need to cope with your stress.  The programme will be a full package, incorporating various techniques to ensure success:

Creating a balanced lifestyle, with exercise that helps to release the adrenaline created through stressful situations and environments.

Using different techniques to create new behaviours that are suitable and beneficial for you.

Forming new habits to combat stress long-term, through small tasks to complete between each therapy session; repeating a new behaviour or process establishes a new habit.

Learning techniques to help you relax physically and mentally, such as Mindfulness Meditation.

The ultimate aim is to give you more balance in your life; giving you the mental strength to manage how you react in situations that once caused you stress and control the thoughts that can distract you.

Just like all the great sports competitors who have a coach to support and encourage them, I can guide you through to success.  By taking tiny steps, creating new ways to view situations and taking action, together we can regain your balance and control. I will also be there to help you through any challenging moments between sessions, where the process might feel overwhelming; I will continue to support and encourage you to reach your desired outcome.

Contact me now to find out how I can help – you do not need to live with stress.

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Each of my programmes are personalised to accommodate your individual needs. Firstly, I will work with you to discover the root of your problem. Then I will design your unique programme so that we can achieve the best possible results.

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