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Therapy “Chris is a great EFT therapist. We have been working on some deep issues together around work and childhood traumas. He is understanding and knowledgeable – and can use a wide variety of NLP/EFT techniques to reduce negative feelings and install new positive memories and experiences in their place. I am an ex-Medical Doctor, and am a big fan of EFT as a healing modality. I would highly recommend Chris as a therapist.”

Dr A Chambers

Therapy, South London

Therapy “I found Chris to be a very proficient hypnotherapist. Before our EFT session, he quickly and calmly put me at my ease whilst explaining the general approach he would be taking and the outcomes I could expect. As the underlying subject of my issues is a personal one, he made me feel safe and assured that I didn’t have to reveal the content whilst assuring me that the outcome would assist me in feeling less anxious regarding this matter.

I would also recommend Chris for anyone wanting to try hypnotherapy in a comfortable, safe environment that promises useful and helpful outcomes.”

S Ritchie


Therapy “Before I saw Chris for EFT I’d been suffering from hayfever and asthma for years, and I had more or less given up on my symptoms changing. The EFT sessions helped me address areas of stress in my life and enabled me to release emotional pain I’d been unconsciously holding onto. I now feel much more at ease with myself and at peace with where I am in life. I’m in a much better place now, within myself, than I used to be. The biggest change for me has been that I’ve been able to be outside in the wonderful summer sunshine even when the pollen count has been high. I’ve been able to breathe freely, and my allergy symptoms are now only an occasional annoyance. Many thanks Chris. You have been a huge help to me.”

I would also recommend Chris for anyone wanting to try hypnotherapy in a comfortable, safe environment that promises useful and helpful outcomes.”

S Hutton


Therapy “I had an EFT session with Chris. It was a bit strange and I was a little sceptical that it would work when Chris explained the therapy session to me. Before the session I had had a few personal problems and I needed to let go of unwanted emotions from the past that were holding me back. Chris explained that I would be tapping various points on my body to release those negative emotions and it worked! I am very happy with my session and I found Chris to be very warm, caring and easy to talk to. Thanks for your help Chris.”

M Rupral


Therapy “In September I had a fall/ trip which resulted in a broken wrist and I had torn tendons. However it wasn’t the physical injuries that I needed help for. I explained to Chris over the phone that I had lost confidence walking out onto the pavement which resulted in fear and great apprehension. I also explained that whenever I saw myself falling in my mind, I would feel physically sick. This was three weeks after my fall. Chris was very understanding and came to my house to treat me with EFT and Hypnotherapy. The treatment was great and very easy.

I felt more confident the very next day and I was able to walk in the street without being afraid of falling. I also lost all feelings of sickness. He is a very caring and honest therapist and I would certainly ask for his help again. I am only fifty four years of age but have come to the conclusion that having an accident at any age can have its repercussions.

Many thanks Chris.”

L Jarrams


Therapy “I met Chris through another course and he offered me some EFT when I was in pain with fibromyalgia. I found Chris to be very good at what he did, very helpful and friendly. He explained everything to me so that I easily understood and helped me not to be in pain quickly and efficiently.

I would recommend Chris and EFT, so please check out his services. You will not be sorry.”

J Littler


Therapy “Today’s session with Chris was truly a game changer. Chris’s gentleness, expert knowledge of EFT and Matrix Reimprinting and his ability to hold a safe space for the deepest kind of healing is a gift. I felt able to uncover and resolve a core belief that had been running (or should I say ruining?!) my life for literally decades. It was absolutely astonishing. Thank you Chris.”

A Christie

North London

Therapy “Chris was so personable and happy which is so important I think, as an EFT Practitioner, as is the skill of listening attentively, which he does with much professionalism. He is gentle and empathetic whilst going through a session with him and I felt really comfortable and at ease – Effortlessly guiding me and making it tailored made for my needs. I really enjoyed the session and we certainly shifted some core issues and I myself has a spring in myself afterwards amongst other shifts I highly recommend him and can’t wait to have another session with him.”

L Burt


Therapy “I came to Chris for a session of EFT and Matrix Reimprinting because my relationship with my children was concerning me. Everyday interactions were feeling very stressful, and I was not feeling the connection and patience that I would like.
Chris quickly put me at ease and helped me to talk through my feelings and situation until it became clear what we needed to work on. This really helped me to key into the issue and get to grips with what was going on emotionally.
During the session, I felt a clearing of energy, which was replaced by a feeling of elation, something that I have not experienced before in any therapy.
Immediately after my EFT / Matrix session, I found my attitude had changed somewhat, particularly in response to the children. I felt softer and more easy going. Before I would have been worried or stressed by circumstances or just distant. But I have noticed a real shift in my energy. I am more likely to laugh things off and let little things go that once would have wound me up. I would gladly recommend Chris to anyone interested in energy healing.”

S Ruscoe


Therapy “I just want to take this time to thank you so much for your help and support with the use of EFT and abolishing my long standing love affair with chocolate!!
I have been to so many practitioners, nutritionists, health seminars, listened to audio tapes, YOU name it! I’ve done it!! Chocolate for me was a real problem because it was a “go to” for most of my inner pain… I really didn’t know why I used it until you helped me detach the emotion from the memory of the last chocolate experience!! I realised that I was really craving a connection from a very deep level of my soul (possibly from the baby stage) and food (especially chocolate was giving me a permanent fix) but the havoc it played on my body after was a total contrast to what I wanted from the “chocolate experience”.
My craving for chocolate has now vanished! And I am now tapping on the empty space that chocolate filled so beautifully (including the weight gain!) which I now can choose to fill with love and new memories of how things were in MY story.
I have experienced lost of other emotions (new ones) and am taking the opportunity to tap when they arise!! EFT is giving me a new page to write on and no matter how helpless the feeling, I know I can be empowered by this amazing tool.
You were so patient and persistent. Such an encouragement and above all a professional that really has his craft mastered, oh so VERY well!!
Chocolate is just chocolate! I loved it but it did not love me back!! It is now where it belongs on the shop shelf and no longer calls my name when I nip into the local Tesco express!”

M Turner


Therapy “I met Chris at an event and I was a bit sceptical at first that he would be able to help me with some issues that I had been carrying for years and years.
I had not even realised until working with Chris that those issues were affecting me that much..
After one session with him I immediately felt uplifted, just as if he had taken away years of turmoil – Even my friends noticed the difference in my attitude and complimented me on how happy I looked.
I have since then, seen Chris again and we worked further into some issues that I had been carrying for many years.
Chris is easy to talk to, made me feel at ease and was very professional and knowledgeable. I felt comfortable sharing with him events of my life which I had never discussed with anyone.”

L Braithwaite


Therapy “Chris has helped me get through recovering from meningitis and encephalitis. Before I started working with Chris, I was utterly miserable and had no idea of how to cope with what I was feeling and going through. Initially, I was skeptical about whether EFT would help me but the whole process of working with Chris was so beneficial that I would urge everybody to give EFT a go!
I now understand why I feel the way I do and have learned a method that I know helps me calm down if I am getting anxious.”

J Mattock


Therapy “Chris has helped me get through a moment of anxiety / worry as I was dreading going to the Doctors about a health issue. I found Chris to be very understanding and calming. I felt at ease and relaxed. The process was positive and made me look and feel things in a calm and positive way. When I came to see Chris, I was a very worried person and I left feeling far calmer and in a positive frame of mind. You’re very easy to talk to and very helpful.”

T Fuller


Reiki Treatment “I have found the treatments I have had to be very relaxing. The warmth from your hands over my body was amazing. Some areas were warmer than others. After each treatment I feel very calm – much less stressed – and that feeling stayed with me for quite a while.
Your Reiki treatments have been really helpful to me.Thank you, Chris.”

J Heath


Reiki Treatment “Chris is an absolute professional, he is very accommodating and reassuring. I had never experience Reiki before, Chris explained the process to me and made sure I was happy with everything before proceeding. The environment was comfortable, the aftercare excellent and the results were very good alleviating back pain. I would highly recommend Chris because it is clear he is passionate about about what he does.”

P Kalik


Reiki Treatment “Chris is a talented and intuitive Reiki Practitioner who has helped the improvement of my skin condition. As a sufferer of psoriasis for many years, I started to notice areas on my skin were beginning to clear after only 3 sessions with him and found that my general energy levels increased as I became more balanced and grounded from his treatments. I also noticed that the intermittent pain I had been experiencing in my right hip and leg became less noticeable after having the Reiki sessions.
Reiki sessions with Chris were extremely relaxing, to the extent that I actually found myself drifting off to sleep and I felt that any built up tension in both my body and mind was instantly released. You are in safe hands with Chris and I have no hesitation in recommending him.”

S Heath


Reiki Treatment “This was my first Reiki treatment and although I had heard and read a lot about Reiki I wasn’t really sure what to expect.
That day I had a slight headache and my heart was beating faster than usual but I had no real idea of why; maybe a combination of factors including weather, overeating and being away from home.
The most amazing thing when I started the treatment was the heat that I felt in the various areas of my body that were being treated. I hadn’t realised that I had had a slightly stuffy nose, but I realised it when it cleared! It was a very relaxing experience with faint music in the background. I was drifting in and out of sleep, almost dreaming some of the time. The heartbeats slowed down progressively as the treatment continued. I thought my headache had not gone away, but when I sat up at the end of the treatment and talked for a while it was as if the headache was slowly draining away.
I felt quite well for the rest of the day even though I was travelling, something which usually stresses me somewhat. All in all a very positive experience.”

E Panichi


Reiki Treatment ” Thanks for the Distance Reiki. The main thing I noticed was a real sense of calm and I have slept much better since. It’s like 90% of “life’s agitation” has just up and walked out the door. I have been generally more relaxed and “present” – enjoying life in general.. It’s like I’ve “re-found my balance” – is the best way of describing it.”

A Heard


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